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😍Cómo dibujar un conejo: Guía paso a paso😍

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Los conejos son pequeños animales lindos que a menudo los llamamos conejitos.. En este tutorial, we will learn to draw a rabbit in an interactive manner. Rabbits and hares come under a species calledlagomorphswhich prefer colder climates. At the time of their birth, they have their eyes open and start running after a few minutes of their birth.

Their body is covered entirely with hair. They can be trained easily and are very clean animals. The life span of a bunny is approximately 8 yrs and if sterilized they can live upto 12 yrs. Their diet consists of entirely grass and other plants. An interesting fact about them is their teeth never stops growing. Rabbits are generally used for any testing operation. Whenever you see a product with rabbit symbol it signifies that the product was not tested on any animal.

How to Draw Rabbit

Los pasos involucrados en esto no son muy complejos y puede aprenderlos fácilmente siguiendo los pasos que he mencionado a continuación.. Nuestro lema debe ser volvernos creativos y producirlo en nuestro arte.. Sin ningún retraso, comencemos nuestro tutorial.

How to Draw Rabbit step by step

Paso 1 We start by drawing the most important step i.e. the basic outline for the bunny. Draw a straight vertical line. Dibujar 2 intersecting circles and an oval below it keeping the line as their diameter. Now draw a large oval at an angle to the the existing one.

Paso 2 Form the triangular ears and paws of the rabbit. Draw the front and hind legs as well as the tail as depicted int he picture below.

Paso 3 Remove all the outlines to complete the body shape of the bunny.

Paso 4 We will now work on the face. Draw his muzzle and his eyes. The eyes should be oval in shape. Then draw a Y shaped nose and complete the mouth and chin.

Paso 5 Give the last touches by drawing the whiskers. Draw the furs by maintaining the proportions all over the body as shown. Then your bunny is ready to play with you.

Rabbit Drawing Pictures for Kids

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