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😂Cómo ​​dibujar una nariz : Guía paso a paso😂

dibujar una nariz: La nariz es una de las principales características esenciales de una persona.. It’s shape varies from person to person so it needs to be done carefully as the face structure highly depends on it. The hair in the nose protects any dust particle from entering the nose.

The sensory organs inside it helps us to analyze the smell. Nose is an important feature for lots of practice should be done before going for the face. Asi que, hoy vamos a aprender a draw the nose step by step. There is no such distinction between male or female nose, so you can draw in general.

Asi que, get ready with your pencils and follow my instructions.

Cómo dibujar una nariz paso a paso?

Nose can be of any shape and size. But in general, I will be teaching you to draw a normal human nose which is taught first everywhere. This is a general nose which can be of both male and female, so you can use anywhere as per your requirement.

Draw a Nose Easy for beginners

Paso 1 Nose can be of any shape and size. But in general, I will be teaching you draw a normal human nose which is taught first everywhere. Just draw two lines as shown in the figure.

Paso 2 Now draw the outline for the wings of the nose. It’s breadth is almost half of the perpendicular line. Tenga en cuenta para mantener las proporciones.

Paso 3 After the markings, it becomes quite easy to shape the nose. Just draw a smooth shape around the wings. Mark the outer areas of the breathing holes.

Paso 4 Remove all the outlines and add some definitions on your own. Do not make any mistakes otherwise it may turn too thick or thin.

Paso 5 Now at last start giving some shadows to your drawing and with soft strokes. Darken the holes through which we inhale. And then you are complete with your simple human nose.

Easy Way to Draw a Cartoon Nose

Cartoon noses are various types. You can think of anything and that becomes a cartoon nose. I will showing various kinds of cartoon nose now.

  1. Nothing

You have to do nothing in the face. Just draw the eyes and mouth. And leave the nose part empty. It also becomes a nose. We have many examples of cartoons where they do not have any marking of a nose.

  1. 2 Dots

solo dibuja 2 dots in the face to show the nose. Its as simple as that.

  1. J-Nose

Draw a simple slanted J to make a nose as depicted in the figure.

  1. Reverse 7 Nose

Simply draw an upside down view of 7 to make the nose of your cartoon.

  1. Mirror C Nose

Simply draw a mirror image of the alphabet C to form the nose.

  1. Bar Nose

This nose separately looks like a decorative item. But when drawn on a face gives a nice look. Just a draw a bar as shown and then close it by giving 2 parenthesis. This nose looks the best in cartoons. So you may use it in your drawings.

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