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😂Как нарисовать обезьяну : Пошаговое руководство😂

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Давайте прочитаем некоторые интересные факты об обезьяне, before we proceed to the tutorial on how to draw monkey. Есть более 250 species of monkeys and they prefer to live in trees.

The most common food for all of them would be nuts, flowers, eggs and small insects but all have different eating habits. They are quite friendly towards humans but sometimes act naughty. The most common misconception is that apes are considered as monkeys.

Monkey Drawing Images for Kids

I am providing some easy pictures of monkeys for practice below. Before reading the tutorial, try to practice the images that I have given for a better idea. By following my steps you can draw your cartoon monkeys anytime without taking much time.


Easy Way to Draw Monkey step by step

Шаг 1 Draw a circle for the head.

Шаг 2 Рисовать 2 intersecting circles for the outline of the eyes and an oval shaped muzzle.

Шаг 3 Erase all the overlapping lines.

Шаг 4 Within that area draw two circles for the eyes a small oval for the nose. Draw a smiling mouth of C shape and give reflections to the eye.

Шаг 5 Draw the round ears using double lines on top of the head.

Шаг 6 Draw a circle attached to the head for the body.

Шаг 7 Draw the hands and legs by maintaining the same length and thickness.

Шаг 8 Draw the fingers and the feet. Atlast draw a curved and twisted long thin tail using double lines.

Шаг 9 Color it as I have shown. There you go with your cartoon monkey.

How to Draw Monkey Face

Шаг 1 Draw a circular outline for the head with perpendicular diameters.

Шаг 2 Form the outline of the head by moving around the circle and forming the chin portion.

Шаг 3 Similar to the general outline draw another outline within it for the face and then draw the eyes.

Шаг 4 Give reflections in the eye and add color to it. Draw the nose of C shape and mark the nostrils.

Шаг 5 Draw a twisted line for a smiling mouth and then draw 2 large rounded ears.

Шаг 6 Remove all the remaining outlines and then you will get a picture similar to this. Well now you can draw a monkey as well as its face. So are you happy? Please post your reviews below.

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