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😂Как рисовать Соника : Пошаговое руководство😂

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Нарисуй Соника: Очевидно, что самой продаваемой серией игр Sega или местом, где он зарабатывал больше всего денег, была не что иное, как франшиза Sonic, разработанная в 1991 to challenge his competitor Super Mario. Children loved to play the famous video game, Sonic the Hedgehog where we collected ring like shapes and ran in a big open area.

We were able to choose among 4 characters at the starting of the game with whom we wanted to continue our adventure. Before a hedgehog, sonic was a rabbit. Pop art had a great influence in the game. Sonic himself wasn’t that fast and had lot of archenemies. So how did you like these interesting facts? Enough with the fun facts, lets learn draw your sonic character. We also learn other things along with it such as drawing sonic exe and all. Don’t waste a second and get ready.

How to Draw Sonic the Hedgehog?

Шаг 1 Draw a large circle for Sonic’s head and a smaller circle below it for the body. Рисовать 2 long lines from the body which forms the leg and again 2 small circles for the shoes. Keep in mind to maintain the proportions.

Шаг 2 Draw triangular lines for the hands and draw a bigger circle at the end of the left hand as we have seen Sonic’s left hand is larger. Then define the shoes by drawing two shapes as shown.

Шаг 3 Work with spiky hairs now. Draw the outline for the ears and for one eye.

Шаг 4 First we will start with the simple parts. Add parallel lines to the hand and the legs to shape them. Draw the gloves and then work with the shoes. Remove the unnecessary lines and move to the next step.

Шаг 5 Now draw the face carefully in which many small factors needs to taken care of. Try to do the same thing which I have done if you are new or use your own creative ideas. Then complete the body as illustrated.

Шаг 6 Color it with blue or shade it as I have done. Use soft strokes for shading.

Method to Draw Sonic Exe

Шаг 1 Draw the outline for the head as well as for the facial features.

Шаг 2 By following the outlines, draw the top lining of the eye. And then draw a small oval shaped nose as shown.

Шаг 3 Then completely define the eye with small eyeballs. Draw small wrinkles to give skin definition near the eyes.

Шаг 4 Define the lower half of the face.

Шаг 5 Now draw the evil grin in the mouth that starts from one ear to the other.

Шаг 6 Next draw the sharp pointed teeth.

Шаг 7 Give the head a shape by drawing sharp curly hairs as shown. После этого, draw the ears and eyebrows similar to the original Sonic.

Шаг 8 Last step is to draw the skinny body with the ribs and all other definitions on the chest.

Шаг 9 Remove all the unwanted lines and you are ready with your evil Sonic.

Way to Draw Sonic Characters

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