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😍How to Draw Train : Guida passo passo😍

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This is quite an interesting topic. Who hasn’t travelled in a train? So it came into my mind why not teach you guys how to draw train? But before beginning with the drawing, let us know the importance of trains first.

Trains are the most used mode of transportation all over the world. It was first designed for the sole purpose of transferring goods from one place to another with the help of a steam engine. Then afterwards, we could cover any distance within a limited amount of time. Various commuters all over the world move from one place to other with the help of train. There are different kinds of trains in different countries depending upon their purpose. Earlier the source of energy for a train to run was steam, then diesel and at the current scenario electricity is the main source. Steam Engine was invented by James Watt. It consists of a locomotive which pulls the entire train from the front. With the advancement of technology, bullet train have been developed which are capable of running at 400kph speed. Do you remember the Hogwarts train? It is an actual train that runs daily in Scotland.

World War I and World War II couldn’t have been so big without the trains. London was the first to create an underground railway. And the largest station of the world is in England which over 600m in length.

You must have travelled in trains but I think you didn’t know all these facts, so keep checking all other interesting posts where you get to learn something new as well as continue with your drawing practice.

Train Drawing Easy

Drawing trains is not that difficult. The most tedious part would be designing the locomotive which includes may small things like cylinders, pistons and all. But always be confident while you are drawing. Your confidence should be reflected in your drawings and try to be innovative while doing anything.

How to Draw a Train?

Even when you are following my techniques try to be creative and make some changes. Who knows you may come up with something even more beautiful. The picture below will help you understand all the steps required for drawing a train. Practice it nicely and then you can follow my step by step interpretations.

How to Draw Train step by step?

Fare un passo 1 First we will start by drawing an oval which will be the front part of our engine.

Fare un passo 2 Now draw two parallel lines backwards starting from the top and bottom edges of the oval which is then closed by an arc shape.

Fare un passo 3 Draw a reverse U shape such that the front part is attached to it.

Fare un passo 4 Now again draw two parallel lines one from the top edge of the U and the other from the middle which will be closed by an arc to form a cylindrical shape. Move the bottom line further and extend it backwards little bit.

Fare un passo 5 Draw the cabin of the train behind it using 3 vertical lines and close the top of the cabin. Form the base of the train by drawing a thin rectangle.

Fare un passo 6 Below the rectangle draw multiple circles increasing in size from the left to show the wheels and do some designing of your own.

Fare un passo 7 Draw the safety grate and attach the front wheel to back. Also draw the hub in each wheel.

Fare un passo 8 Draw vertical bars in the grate and also draw the wheels on the other side where gap is left behind.

Fare un passo 9 Draw windows in the cabin and a chimney above it.

Fare un passo 10 Last step is to draw the railways and the smoke coming from the chimney.

Fare un passo 11 Check my coloring , if you like it color this way or else you can use your own ideas.

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