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😍How to Draw Fish : Step By Step Guide😍

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Welcome to another tutorial, today we will be learning about an aquatic animal i.e. fish. But before starting to draw fish we check out some interesting facts. They reproduce mostly by laying eggs. They are one of the oldest aquatic species that still thrive on Earth.

Fish were present on the Earth long before the dinosaurs. There are near about 30,000 species of fish. They do not have lungs and their respiration takes place through gills present in their mouth. They are cold blooded and have good sensory organs. They have special organs which acts like radars. A strange fact is that fishes can change their sex during their life. They are some fishes which are not even fish such as starfish and jellyfish. Group of fish is generally referred as a school. There are some species of fish that can even live without water. Did you find the facts interesting?

How to Draw Fish?

There are so many species of fishes which means there will be thousands of patterns of it. But today will be learning to draw a general fish which is taught in everywhere. It’s quite simple and looks realistic enough. I have come up with some simple ways which I have shared below for your benefit.

Keep in mind always that try to be innovative while drawing, add something more to the picture that I have made to make your one unique and not a copy. Then let’s begin with the tutorial.

Draw Fish for Kids

Step 1 First begin with drawing an oval shape for the body and then draw a horizontal outline.

Step 2 Draw the front part of the fish’s head and the mouth as shown.

Step 3 Draw a circle at the starting of the horizontal line for the eye and produce the reflections by leaving spots uncolored.

Step 4 Shape the body of the fish and form a triangular tail.

Step 5 Draw the dorsal and pectoral fin as you see in the figure below.

Step 6 Detail the fish by drawing lines in the fin and the tail. Erase all the outlines.

Step 7 When you are done, the fish should look like this. Fill it with colors.

How to Draw Fish step by step?

The easy part is now over kids. The first picture was just for your practice. Now let’s draw something which resembles an actual fish. We will try as much possible to make it look real. I have tried many ways and found the following method quite effective. Read the steps carefully.

Way to Draw Realistic Fish

Step 1 Draw the body of the fish similar to the shape of convex lens. Extend the lines towards the back for the tail.

Step 2 Connect the extended lines with a curved line for the tail. Then draw C shape for the head.

Step 3 Draw a small circle for the eye and darken the pupil. Draw a slightly curved line for the mouth. After this, draw the fins on top of the body and also near the head as shown. You can change the shape, size and number of fins as you like and which looks better according to you.

Step 4 Draw straight dark strokes on all the fins. Remember that top portion of the body will be dark and the belly area lighter. Shade accordingly to form the scales of the fish. You can now add some extra definitions. Then you will be ready with your fish. Comment your reviews below.

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