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❤️How to Draw an Oval: Step By Step Guide❤️

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In this website we will provide you easy way to help you learn How to Draw an Oval that is perfect and clean.Unlike circles or rectangles, an oval shape consider as a regular shape. Here proper way to draw an oval.

There are lots of people who remain confused in oval and circle. Most of them thought that they both are just similar to each other but in reality there is a great difference between both of them. Today we are going to learn how to draw a perfect oval with different methods.

Way to Draw an Oval Shape Step by Step

Step 1: At first we are going to draw a plus ➕  sign just take care that the vertical line should be longer than the horizontal line. This will work as a base.

Step 2: In the next step, just in the curbed manner start drawing a circle type shape just take care that it touch all sides of plus.

Way to Draw an Oval Shape

Step 3: At last simply draw this plus sign properly without traces and be careful towards your oval. So, it is that simple to draw an oval.

Method to Draw an Oval with String

The another more perfect and easy way to draw an oval is string method. Let us come to know how we can draw an oval by using a string.

Step 1: First of all draw an axis for your oval desired on the length of oval. Next, draw another small line making a sign like plus ➕.

Step 2: Now, point your compass at a point of minor axis and mark arcs on both side of the major axis(or bigger line).

Step 3: Next join these arcs by the point where you have put the compass needle making a triangle shape.

Method to Draw an Oval with String

Step 4: After this pin three small nails at each three point of the triangle. Then, take a string and tie it stretched with all three nails making a triangle.

Step 5: Now, pin out the nail from the point where you have put your compass needle. From this nail (you can use pencil also) start moving in a circle direction to make your oval.

How to Draw an Oval Freehand

It is very simple to draw an oval by your hands, it might not look very perfect but yes it is an oval. For drawing this you can use pen, pencil or sketch whatever you want. Take a paper sheet and imagine the shape of egg 🥚 and try to draw the similar structure. Or else you just need to elongate your circle from two ends. Finally, your oval is ready.

How to Draw an Oval Freehand 
How to Draw an Oval with a Compass

It is not very much difficult to draw an oval by using compass. Follow the below steps and you are done.

Step 1: At first, you have to draw a normal circle with any radius of your choice.

Step 2: Now keep the same radius as the previous one and point the needle of your compass just few cm apart from the first circle and then start drawing another circle overlapping the first one.

Step 3: After this, just simply join the circumference of both circles and remove the inner portion by erasing it.

Your oval is ready.

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