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😂How to Draw Kissing Lips : Guida passo passo😂

Drawing kissing lips is a bit different than the normal drawing of lips. The lips should be open in this case. To make it perfect, we should be passionate while drawing, when looking at the picture we should be able to feel the warmth of kiss.

An artist becomes greatest when by looking at the picture we can feel his emotions. Drawing pictures is an art of expressing our feelings and emotions which we cannot express through words or those deep meaning things which goes way beyond words.

This example is a small art in which we try to express the emotions. So it’s detailing should be done nicely in order to make it look realistic.

Way to Draw Kissing Lips

Fare un passo 1 Draw a tilted line which will be used to separate the two lips while kissing.

Fare un passo 2 At the right side of the line, draw the shape of the mouth of the male. There must a little gap between the lips as shown.

Fare un passo 3 Next step will be to draw the mouth of the female. The top lip of the female should be in the lips of the male. The chins should also touch while they kiss. Follow the picture carefully.

Fare un passo 4 After this we will complete the marking of the top and bottom lips of both the male and female as illustrated. We will also draw some portion of the female nose.

Fare un passo 5 Last step is as usual the most important to shade the lips to make it look expressive and sensual. Try to produce the warmth in the kiss by softening the lines and then remove all the outlines.

Fare un passo 6 Finally your kissing lips should look like this.

For further details on individual kissing lips, I am sharing a pictorial step by step procedure below to make you understand. If any doubt persists, please do mention in the comment section or else if you any other requirements don’t forget to mention them. For better idea, do check out my tutorial on Come disegnare le persone

How to Draw Kissy Lips

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