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😂How to Draw Lion : Step By Step Guide😂

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Lion Drawing: Lion is the mightiest predator of the entire animal kingdom and carries the title “The King of the Jungle”. Its title only suggests his abilities and power over other animals. They are the 2nd largest in the cat family.

Unlike others, they are capable of swimming and also they can jump up to 35ft. The largest lion population is preset in Tanzania, Africa. The roar of an adult lion can be from 8km away. They start roaring from the age of 2. They always live in packs called prides.

How did you like the facts? I hope you came to know something new. Now learn something that’s even more interesting, we will be drawing lion and many other attributes of it. So just follow my instructions carefully and then you will be ready with your amazing picture.

How to Draw Lion step by step?

Step 1 First draw a circle in the middle of the page for the body of the lion. Then draw two intersecting circles in the right for the furry neck and the head.

Step 2 Draw a curved line at the top by following the circles for the body and then draw the outline for the belly. Draw oval shaped legs as shown in the figure.

Step 3 Draw a small circle in the head for the mouth.  Keep drawing ovals at the end of each leg to complete the structure of paws. Connect all the remaining lines and form the tail with I small circular tip. Draw the mouth and nose.

Step 4 Remove all the unwanted lines and keep a general outline. Draw the thick mane behind the head. Give details to the face by completing the eyes, whiskers and muzzle.

Step 5 Last step is to give to shadows to the figure by continuous small soft stokes all over the mane and some portion of the body. Have a look at your completed picture.

How to Draw Cartoon Lion for Kids?

Step 1 Draw a circle for the head followed by an oval next to it for the body. Then draw 4 small circles below it for the joints of the legs.

Step 2 Connect all the figures to form the neck and belly. Then draw curved lines for the legs at the bottom.

Step 3 Complete the lions paw.

Step 4 Draw the lion’s head within the circle as shown.

Step 5 Remove all the unwanted lines and just keep a general outline. Don’t forget to add the tail.

Step 6 Form the swaying thick mane and give the facial features as shown.

Way to Draw Lion Face

Step 1 Draw the basic outline by drawing 2 intersecting circles for the face with 2 perpendicular lines.

Step 2 In the larger circle draw the eyes and in the lower circle draw the nose.

Step 3 By following the outline keep shaping the face. Draw hairs for the chin.

Step 4 Draw the mane for the face by drawing curved lines all around the circles.

Step 5 Give details to face by drawing wrinkles in the face, whiskers and defining the mouth.

Step 6 The final face should look like the below picture. Well done guys, for any further clarifications please comment below.

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