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😂How to Draw a Cow : Step By Step Guide😂

Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss a very interesting topic that is how to draw a cow. If there is any kid in your family and you want to help them in drawing. And make them good drawing artist then hope this article will going to help you.

Or if you want to learn painting for yourself as a beginner than you can also learn from here.

How to Draw a Cow

I will discuss some important points or topics which can help you in improving your drawing skills and to make an attractive eye-catching image of a cow.  I will also discuss various kinds of ways to draw or types of cow’s images you can draw. You can draw sketch of cow’s according to your requirement.


How to Draw a Cow step by step

Firstly, I would like to discuss from the basic. I will give you step by step instructions to draw a sketch of cow. As a beginner, step by step instructions helps you to draw a good sketch of cow. And helps you to, from where to begin and from where you can come to end point.

  • To draw cow, start from the head and nose.

  • In the second step, move towards horn and draw upper back of the cow.

  • After doing that, draw outline sketch of legs of cow. I know it can take more time as compare to first and second step.

  • When you done with leg section, than draw hoof and utters.


  • After drawing this, you can draw remaining legs.

  • Now, draw eyes and ears of cow.
  • Now, you are done with outline sketch of cow. If you want to make your drawing attractive than you can spots in your sketch. It will help to make your sketch more attractive.

Now, you are done with all steps. You just need to add colors in your image.

How to draw a realistic cow face:

Now, as you are done with beginner portion. I think you can move to next step. That you can try to other way to draw cow sketch. Like what if you draw a realistic face of a cow? This can help to impress others with your drawing skills. See, if want to draw a realistic face of cow, make a rough sketch of cow’s face with the help of pencil. Then use painting colors to give the final touch. Here you will not make an outline with pencil. You will make proper sketch with light use of pencil than you will put colors above your sketch.


Cow drawing for Kid

Kids love to do extracurricular activities. Drawing comes to this category. Kids like to draw. Drawing helps to improve kid’s imagination skills. They learn to put their imagination on the canvas. If you want to help any kid in drawing and you need any help. Then you are at right place. I would like to help you in drawing cow image for kid. Kids are at beginning stage of painting or drawing. Firstly you need to teach them how to make outline sketch of cow. Give step by step instruction to your kid. This will help them in understanding various parts of cow. And it will make their task of drawing easy. It can help your kid to get positive comments by theirs teachers. If your kid want to participate in any competition than this simple but eye-catching sketch will increase his/her chance to win to competition.


Cow drawing pictures

Here, I would like to share various pictures of cow. You don’t want to draw same sketch again and again. Then take help of this. And you can draw same cow sketch but of different ways.  You can change cow’s color, cow’s position, cow grazing in the farm etc can draw only face of cow etc. you can make different sceneries along with cow image. All these instructions helps you to draw variety of pictures of cow.

Cow drawing Cartoon

You can draw cartoon sketch of cow as well. To draw cartoon sketch you just only need water colors. To give your cow an animated look. Just only try to just highlight outline of your sketch with black color. Try to put color on patches of cow rest remain white. This can also help to give your sketch cartoon look.  A cartoon image of cow helps to attract kids to have looked at your drawing. It helps you to grab attention of kids for watch your drawing. Or they can also ask you to questions regarding your drawing and it help them to enhance kids’ knowledge.


How to draw a cute cow

To draw a cute cow, you just need to focus o cow’s face. You can draw a smiling face of cow, cow showing her teeth, cow seating like a cute innocent drawing image etc. these are few examples I shared with you to draw a cute image of cow. A cute cow sketch will be able to get the attention of every viewer who looks at this image. A cute, innocent face of cow will be the source of attraction for every viewer. A cute sketch of cow will reflect her nature also. The nature of cow is calm, polite. She gave milk to us. If we want to compliment someone for their innocent nature, we compare them or give example of cow. So, to draw an image of cow which shows her cuteness will definitely won everyone’s heart.

Here, I shared my different point of views, to draw a cow. You can take help of all these instructions to draw a cow. I hope I will be able to set all the rules and steps to draw a sketch of cow. But still if I skipped something which is important to share than please write your comments in comment section. I will definitely take help of your suggestions for my further articles. And try to improve my articles according to that.

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