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😍How to Draw Doraemon : Step By Step Guide😍

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Drawing Doraemon? Let’s read some fun facts first. Doraemon is a very famous Japanese manga series. It became so popular that it was adopted in the anime series. The story is based on a robotic cat called Doraemon who goes back in time to help a boy named Nobita.

The manga was released in the year 1969. It was won many awards for its excellence. It has become a cultural icon in their country. It appeared in 6 different magazines. The series gained unimaginable reputation that ended in March 2005 with 1787 episodes all total. Many games have been developed based on it. Originally, Doraemon was yellow in color. He lost his ears to rats that bit it off. On losing his ears, he became very sad and drank a potion called “sadness” and his yellow color faded to the blue one that we know today. Dorami his sister is even stronger than him. The Doraemon theme song was released in 2005.

How to Draw Doraemon?

After learning so much about Doraemon aren’t you interested to draw it? Kids you will be very happy to see that after following my steps you are easily able to draw your favourite anime character. It is so cute looking that anyone can fall in love with him.

How to Draw Doraemon step by step?

I am providing you the simplest steps to get the perfect picture. Are you all practicing what I have told you? Always be innovative and keep on sketching anytime. If you make it your hobby nothing will be difficult for you to achieve. Now you can go read my instructions given below.

Draw Doraemon for Kids

Step 1 Draw a circle for his head and draw the facial outlines.

Step 2 Draw the eyes which should be touching to each other and then draw a nose touching both the eyes. All of them are oval in shape.

Step 3 We need to separate the head and face i.e. divide the blue and white colors. After that, draw a big smiling mouth with a M shaped tongue within it. Draw his nose and form the long whiskers. Give markings in the eye for pupils.

Step 4 Draw the body in the shape of a rectangle and attach hands to it with circular fingers.

Step 5 At last draw his collar and bell on his neck and draw the pattern as shown on his body. Complete the figure by drawing oval shaped foot.

Step 6 Erase all the outlines and color it with blue and white. After that, your Doraemon is ready to play with you.

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