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😂How to Draw Basketball : Step By Step Guide😂

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Draw Basketball: Basketball is one of the most sportive games played worldwide which involves 5 players filled with lot of enthusiasm. In USA, NBA is the biggest league for basketball. Adidas produces all the NBA uniforms. The legend Kobe Bryant was the youngest player. All the courts are made of maple wood which gives a safe landing.

America’s basketball dominance globally has led to many questions whether basketball really is a global game. Spalding is the official company which produces all the NBA basketballs. Hope you enjoyed the facts, with some knowledge about basketball now let’s get some practical knowledge i.e. let us learn how to draw a basketball and player. Go grab your materials and follow my instructions.

How to Draw a Basketball?

Step 1 First draw a circle then draw 2 perpendicular diameters as shown for the outline.

Step 2 Draw a curved just above the horizontal diameter.

Step 3 Now draw another curved line on the right side.

Step 4 Now we will draw a wave like curve in the lower half of the circle.

Step 5 Erase the outlines and color it with dark orange and darken all the lines to complete the basketball.

How to Draw a Basketball Player?

Step 1 First of all take a grid shaped outlined paper or you can trace it out. Draw an oval for the head. Draw a line on the head which shows the center of the head. Now draw the outlines for the whole body as I have done.

Step 2 Complete the chest, ball and his neck.

Step 3 By following the basic outline, draw his hands, legs and shoes.

Step 4 Now we work upon the player’s shoulders, muscles, hand and the detailing of the leg area. Keep following the diagram carefully.

Step 5 Now draw his clothes and fingers and start detailing the face carefully. Definition should be done nicely. Give some wrinkles in the torso and shorts.

Step 6 Give some light shading strokes all over the body and erase the outlines to complete your figure.

How to Draw a Basketball Hoop?

Step 1 Draw a hexagonal backboard for the hoop as shown. And then draw mutually perpendicular outlines.

Step 2 Draw a double lined square near the base which will be the area for the ring of the hoop to be attached.

Step 3 Draw a half double lined oval at the bottom of the square to show the ring where the net will attached.

Step 4 From now on, we will keep on drawing double lined parallel lines with minimum gap for the fibres of the net. Draw the front part of the fibres of the net moving in the same direction as shown.

Step 5 Now at last draw the backside of the net fibres by overlapping each other which are of reverse C shapes. If you want you can place a basketball at the top of the ring to make it look more intriguing. Well you have learnt all about basketballs, go and check out my other tutorials for more fun facts and exciting drawings.


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