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😂How to Draw People : Step By Step Guide😂

So here we come to one of the most time consuming drawing i.e. how to draw people? Whatever you have learned till now would be put to test in the following picture.

Even if it will take some time and you have to rectify your mistakes but once it is completed the result will be quite welcoming. But first we will draw something simple like cartoon people.

We people are the pillars of every establishment till date. Everything we have accomplished till now is due to the hard work of our very own people. Your parents keep their happiness aside by fulfilling their children’s demands. So, I hope you children have understood the importance of human beings.

Drawing people is not that difficult, but it involves many steps as we proceed by completing one body part then other. It includes a lot of detailing as we have to take care of every minute factor to make it look realistic. You can also put your own creative and innovative ideas while following my steps to make it your own personal figure. Once you learn to draw a human figure perfectly than you can start to draw some pictures. This has to be learnt because it is a basic drawing which everyone should know.

Let’s not waste another second and start with our work. So go and get your pens and your sheet of paper and follow my steps carefully.

Drawing the Human Figure for Beginners

The common mistake done by everyone is we don’t look at proportions i.e. it may get distorted. Size of face and body may vary. So take care of the proportions. A simple way is to divide the person into different parts and then combine them.

First we will try and draw something simple which help you build confidence in yourself. We will go back to our previous lesson of face, where I taught you to draw a simple human figure.

Check the link below to draw a simple human figure :

Human Figure for Beginners

How to Sketch a Face from Photo?

Sketching a face is never easy but it gets eventually better with a lot of practice. So, children if you haven’t checked my previous post on how to draw a face where I have already taught the sketching techniques for a face, click on the link given below.

Sketch a Face

How to Draw People as Cartoons?

Step 1 First draw a horizontal oval for the hair and another small oval overlapping it for the head.

Step 2 Draw another small vertical oval for the ear. A small cylinder is drawn below the head for the neck.

Step 3 Draw a rectangle below the neck to show the body and the neck rests on a triangular surface.

Step 4 Draw a trapezium below the rectangle keeping the top surface common for the shorts of the cartoon.

Step 5 Two small trapeziums are drawn near the shoulder to show the sleeves.


Step 6 Draw two small irregular slanted rectangles below the shorts to represent the legs.

Step 7 Vertical ovals are drawn to show the arms below the sleeves.

Step 8 Now draw another pair of overlapping ovals to show the hands.

Step 9 Draw 2 ovals with some distance below the legs for the shoes.

Step 10 Now just join the ovals with lines to form the shoes.

Step 11 Draw oval shaped eyes and mark the mouth line.

Step 12 This step is to follow the outlines and draw each body part of the cartoon as shown.

Step 13 Erase all the lines and color the picture as your wish.


How to Draw People Kissing step by step?

Step 1 We need to draw two circles of same size for the heads of the boy and girl. Now draw a curved outline for the eye and then draw the line for the necks.

Step 2 We start by drawing the hair style first and then start with the shaping of the faces. Make the eyes thicker to show that they are closed and draw the front cheeks in the shape of the arch. Follow the figure that is illustrated carefully.

Step 3 Complete the hairstyle for both of them. Draw the eyebrows and then the eyelid. Then complete the face by drawing the nose, lips and chin. Draw the outline for the shoulder and the back of their body.

Step 4 Give detailing to the hair and draw the ear. Now start detailing the cheeks and other facial part you want. After that remove all the unwanted lines.

Step 5 Have a look at your picture. Does it resemble with the one you seeing on your screen? If yes, then well done and color it as you like.

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