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❤️How to Draw Graffiti : Step By Step Guide❤️

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Draw Graffiti: Have you ever seen the piece of art that has been drawn or scribbled on the walls in the bigger frames, and has been painted by the fancy choice of the colors that is what known an art of graffiti.

I am sure that the last time when you went to go the ancient place as a plan of your trip you had seen there some sculptures scribbled on the walls of the caves. These sculptures may be showing something back from the era, when these sculptures were scribbled.

These all are the forms of the graffiti and proves us that graffiti is nothing new but an ancient category of the art. The graffiti is not much different than the drawing.

The drawing is the simple form of conveying the ideas of mind on a sheet of a paper while the graffiti conveys the same thing but the graffiti are made using the creativity on the other level.

The graffiti is used in the public domain such as on the walls to pass a message to the masses or put creativity in the appearance of the public

How to Draw Graffiti Letters A-Z

How to Draw Graffiti Letters

Graffiti is a very decent and the fine category of the art which is generally drawn on the walls however you may draw it on the paper too. If you want to draw the graffiti letters on the paper then keep the pencil and a sheet of the paper handy with you and follow these steps

  • First of all simply write the letters with your pencil
  • Then next draw the outline for these pencil letter with the help of the sketch
  • Next add the real sketch lines on those pencil letters now both of these lines will intersect to each other
  • There will be a blank space between both of these lines you need to fill that with the desired colors
  • Next you may give the darker tones to the letters of the graffiti so that they could appear more eye catchy
  • Further you may add some designs over the edges of these graffiti letters to make the graffiti look more dashing

Way to Draw the Graffiti Character

Way to draw graffiti characters

The character of the graffiti is the core subject of the graffiti on which the whole design of the graffiti has to be based. If you want to know how to draw the graffiti character from the very beginning then here we are providing you with some steps

  • Start drawing the character of the graffiti always from the head since the head of the character is everything
  • Draw a circle and then add the facial structure and further draw a wire for the rest of the body frame
  • Complete the facial structure and leave some space on the top for the hairline
  • You may further put a cup over the head of the character to make it more appealing
  • Now draw the lips and the eyes of the character
  • Next you need to draw the hands of the character
  • After the hands come to the lower part and draw the pants of the character
  • Then draw the attractive pair of shoes and finally color the whole character with the suitable choice of the colors

This is some basis idea that how you may start drawing the character you may draw any character by keeping this idea in your mind

How to Draw Graffiti For Beginners

How to Draw Graffiti For Beginners

If you are a beginner and willing to draw graffiti, then you must keep in mind that the graffiti is an art, which is based on the creativity of mind by using the presence of mind along with some patience.

If you already know how to draw then drawing a graffiti is not going to be a bigger task for you, since the graffiti is all about polishing or designing the drawing with some creativity.

Step by Step to Draw Graffiti

So if you are a beginner there here is some ideas for you that should you start with your first graffiti.

  • First of all draw a shape or the letters that you want to make your graffiti with the pencil

step by step to draw graffiti

  • Then outline these letters by using the sharper or the darker outliner

step by step to draw graffiti

  • It will become something like that two lines intersecting each other leaving some space between them.

step by step to draw graffiti

  • Then add some dots around this letter or the shape to give it more fascinating outlook.

step by step to draw graffiti

  • Next just shade the lines under the letters of outlined letters it will provide some better outlook.

  • At last just fill the empty space with the colors remember colors are the most important elements which give final shape to the graffiti so choose them accordingly.

step by step to draw graffiti

Draw Graffiti on Paper

Generally we have seen that the graffiti are used in the public domain appearance, and that is why they are most often drawn on the walls so that they could easily grab the attention of the people.

Well other than that traditional way of drawing the graffiti you may also draw the graffiti on the paper for that you just need to have a paper, pencil, outliner and the colors.

Take a piece of the paper and start with writing some letters on that and then you may extend it further just like any other part of the drawing. What is important with the graffiti is that it is known by its brightening outlook so make sure you give a good design to the graffiti and later fill it with the colors.

When drawing the graffiti on the paper start with some simple ideas since drawing the graffiti on paper requires much efforts and the size of the shape should also be kept in the mind

Easy Way to Draw Graffiti

Well this is the subjective section of this Article as to how should one go to draw the graffiti in an easy way. First of all keep in your mind that graffiti is nothing other than the art if you already know how to draw, then drawing the graffiti is not a big deal for you as the graffiti is only subject to some minor changes from the drawing.

We would say that if you are getting into the graffiti drawing, then simply start drawing the graffiti with the letters than the character. Drawing the graffiti with the letters is always an easy and best way to go with.

As it will polish your skills, give you some new ideas along with the confidence and then you may jump to the characters.

Keep in mind that graffiti is not a rocket science it is just the creativity of your mind that needs to be put out.

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