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😍How to Draw Frog : Step By Step Guide😍

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Welcome back to another tutorial, today we will be learning about an amphibian which can jump from one place to other. Yes, you guessed right, we will be drawing a frog. Let’s begin with some cool facts which will make this topic even more fun.

There are large varieties of frogs, scientists claim there are more than 4700 species of frogs. They are able to jump 20 times of their own height and can come in any color. Male frogs croak to attract the females during the mating season. They drink water by absorbing them through the skin. Frogs shed their skin once every week. The Golden Dart frog is one of the most poisonous animals in the world. You know what a group of frogs are called? An army!!! We can differentiate between male and female frogs by observing their ears.

How to Draw Frog?

Drawing frogs is bit difficult as we have to take care of the pattern of their skin while drawing which differs from frog to frog. I have tried drawing many types of frogs and today I will be sharing with you the most effective as well as simple techniques which will guide you easily to draw a frog.

Children always remember that besides practicing my drawings, try to be always creative. Try to sketch anything interesting that comes into your mind. At first it may not be good but with practice this small things will lead you to great success. Now let’s continue with our tutorial.

Draw Frog for Kids

Step 1 First we begin drawing the head of the frog which is similar to the head of a snake.

Step 2 Draw an oval shaped body attached to the head.

Step 3 Draw two semicircles one beside the other on top of the head to make the eyes of the frog.

Step 4 Draw both the front legs but draw only one hind leg as shown because only one side of it is visible.

Step 5 Draw the feet and toes to it. Draw a line along the body to show the folds of skin.

Step 6 Draw round shapes all over the body to show their body pattern. Draw a round shape for the eye and mark the pupil. Also mark the nostril.

Step 7 Color the frog with green and the circular patterns with dark green.

How to Draw Frog step by step?

Step 1 Let’s begin by drawing an outline of the frog. Draw large oval for the body of the frog. Then draw two more ovals at the back of the body for the hind legs. Draw a line at the front part of the body to show the front leg. The other leg is not going to be visible from this side.

Step 2 Draw a triangular shape in front of the body for the head. Draw two more lines at the back to complete the hind legs.

Step 3 We will now finish working on the legs. Complete the front leg by drawing a line parallel to the previous one and then draw the toes. Follow the same technique for the hind legs. Draw two lines one connecting the 2 legs to form the belly and the other one at the top to form the back of the frog. Then we can erase the outlines.

Step 4 In this step, we check for anything missing. We draw a small C like shape for the eye. You can add details according to your own way. Don’t draw any tail as frogs lose their tail when they get mature.

Step 5 Well we are in the final step now. Just draw some round shapes all over the body to show the pattern. Darken those areas and shade the entire body. I have shaded it a bit darker. Try to make it light and then your frog will be ready to jump out of your page.


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