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😍How to Draw House : Step By Step Guide😍

Draw House: Its been some time time since I posted some new drawings. Welcome back students, today we will be studying the tutorial on drawing a house. I am giving you some facts which you might find interesting.

A house is an architectural structure in which people live. permanently. Houses can be of various shapes and sizes, it may be a single room or multiple rooms in different floors.

How to Draw House?

A building can have more than one house in it. Then that kind of building is called an apartment. Cottage, rowhouse, bungalow, mansion, palace, etc. are various kinds of house. So children tell me are you practicing all the things that i told? Yes you have to be imaginative and try to produce it in your paper. Drawing is an art in which you can excel only if you are passionate about it. Read various magazines gain some ideas. Know about the great arts of famous people. By learning only, you can try to do something of your own. So why not begin with this tutorial. Grab your materials and follow my steps.

How to Draw House step by step?

Step 1 We will begin by drawing the blueprint of the house i.e. the basic outline. Draw a large rectangle and divide it into two parts by a vertical line. The first rectangle will be larger than the second one which will be the living room and the other one for the hallway.

Step 2 Mark the roof by a triangular line. In the 2nd rectangle draw a horizontal line for the separation of the roof. Draw another rectangle for the door of the house.

Step 3 Draw two small rectangles in the living room for the windows. Use a ruler to make your work easier. Draw a horizontal line below for the marking of the ground. Draw parallel lines along the roof.

Step 4 We will now work on the detailing of the house. We complete the roof by cutting the rectangle. Give final outlines to the doors and window. Draw a small rectangle beside the roof for the chimney.

Step 5 Draw slanted parallel lines along the roof and cover it with C shapes to show the formation of the roof of bricks as illustrated in the diagram. Draw the shutters of the window. Complete the door by drawing the two sides of the door. Draw some stairs in front of the door as shown. Give some more detailing and shadowing effects to complete your drawing.

House Drawing Pictures

Steps to Draw a House for Kids

Steps Drawing these houses are not so difficult. Draw a rectangle and a triangle above it for the roof. Now we draw a simple chimney as we did in the previous drawing. Complete the roof by drawing horizontal lines. At last you can work on more definition by completing the doors, windows and porch. Color it as you like. Try to give more small details that you would like in your house.

Way to Draw a Realistic House

By following the below picture you can easily follow my simple steps and draw a cool looking realistic house.

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