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😍How to Draw Robot : Step By Step Guide😍

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Robots!!! What an invention? Do you know all about robots, read these interesting facts before we continue this tutorial on drawing robot. The word robot comes from the Czech word ‘robota’. The first humanoid robot was developed in 1939 called Elektro.

The smallest robot is called nanobot. The first known robot was developed in 5th century BC which created mechanical doves. The field of robotics has developed very much. There are vacuum cleaning robots and many other bots which helps human beings in many ways. In 2017, a robot called Sofia was announced officially whose behaviour at par with a human being. Some people also fear that robots will take control over the world and become a new species.

How to Draw Robot?

Robots can be friendly or else destructive if not programmed properly. But robots are the future of humanity. Always be focused while drawing and be innovative. Let’s begin the tutorial.

How to Draw Robot step by step?

Step 1 First draw a square for the head of the robot. Just below it draw a rectangle for the body of the robot.

Step 2 Draw 2 circles for the eye and draw a rectangle for the mouth. Fill the mouth with straight lines to form the teeth.

Step 3 Draw a light bulb on top of the head. Draw antenna shaped ears.

Step 4 Draw circles for the shoulders and joints. Draw rectangular shapes to form the arms.

Step 5 Draw long rectangles for the legs and then draw semicircles for the feet.

Step 6 Detail the chest with whatever you think of such as meters, arrows and small switches.

Step 7 Fill colors in the robot as shown. After that the robot is ready to follow your orders.

Draw Robot for Kids

Just like the previous picture, draw a square for the head and a rectangle for the body. Draw rectangular hands and legs. Draw the fingers with circles and feet with semicircles. Draw a curved cylindrical head. Last step will be to fill the colors as shown in the figure.

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